The Simplicity of Strength

DSC_0103Read any newspaper today and you will find a sensational article regarding fitness or nutrition – fat used to be the enemy, now it’s sugar and for god’s sake do not touch the evil that is fruit juice.  Most of the time, they also seem to forget that they were advocating the exact opposite just a few weeks ago, based upon a different piece of research with equally dubious methodology.

Add to this a fitness industry that is more interested in making millions than effecting healthful change and it’s no surprise that we are so confusWP_20150310_001[2]ed.

I am grateful, however, that the benefits of weight training for women and older people have become a topic of conversation in the media.  So often seen as the perview of men, we are gradually realising just how important this type of training is for a woman’s physical and psychological health, particularly with regard to bone density, muscle mass and the ability to function in old age.

Common feedback from my lifters is that they are surprised at how fast their body adapts to training and that the little things in life – carrying groceries, getting up off the sofa – are suddenly so much easier.  Add to that an increased confidence and determination due to meeting goals, mastering complex movements and being part of a community of female lifters, and weight training becomes an invaluable tool for improving your life.

And the beaWP_20150305_002[1]uty is that strength training for health is so simple.  Squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press.  Chin ups and power cleans if you want.  Eat plenty of vegetables and protein, a decent amount of fat and moderate amounts of minimally processed carbohydrate.  Include some conditioning and HIIT (high intensity interval training).  Get plenty of sleep.  That’s it.

Seriously, that is it.WP_20141017_001[1]

There’s no expensive supplements or meal replacements to buy, no pitting of one food group against another, no fancy equipment or everchanging, new, products to buy.  Just add a little more weight each time you train, your body will do the rest.

It is this simplicity that I adore, that the body’s amazing ability to adapt is at the forefront of this methodology.  It is all about bringing people together, celebrating your achievements and realising that we are so much more capable than we believe.

If you think thaWP_20150221_005[1]t this type of training might be for you, then  send me a message on Facebook, or 07717 202065.  1:1 sessions are £25 per hour and groups of up to four women are £10 per class for 75 minutes.  I work from the Pacific Gym in Lincoln.WP_20150216_001[1]

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