Darkside Rising CIC

Darkside Rising CIC was founded on the 7th January 2020, a creative vision shared between the 3 directors, Shantelle Svarc, Annabel Hunt and Robert Willmington.

Since the formation of Darkside Training in 2014, it became clear that many of the women who needed it the most were still not able to access strength training, often for financial or mental health reasons.

And so Darkside Rising was born, working to provide access to strength training for all who need it whilst developing educational arts and media projects to spark a social conversation surrounding female health and empowerment.

Darkside Rising seeks to challenge the perception of female strength, resilience and power through innovative physical training and educational arts projects.

Shantelle Svarc

Darkside Training donates their dedicated gym facilities as in-kind support to allow Darkside Rising to provide low cost or fully funded strength training sessions to women at risk of mental health problems or women who would otherwise not be able to access this vital and transformative training.

We are also working on new ways of documenting this transformative process, through various media, in order to clearly illustrate the individual journey and educate the wider community towards female strength and empowerment.

Darkside Rising will be primarily grant funded for the delivery of women-led and health-focused projects. We will also conduct fundraising activities at the gym to ensure the continuation of these projects, and to support women who cannot afford the full training fees.

Company number: 12390866
Registered in England and Wales
Registered office: Unit 9, Newporte Business Park, Cardinal Close, Bishops Road, off Outer Circle Road, Lincoln, LN2 4SY

Darkside Rising Team Deadlift Competition, 18th January 2020