The Coaches

Co-Founder of Darkside, Shantelle Svarc spent years training in male-dominated gyms and competing with only a handful of other women in powerlifting.

A safe and accessible space was desperately needed for women to participate in strength training and so Darkside Training was born.

Co-Founder of Darkside, Bob Willmington and Shantelle met at the Aikido dojo, and became business partners after realising a shared vision for female strength and empowerment.

Elizabeth (Beth) Fish was our first new coach when we opened our own space in 2016. With a strong technique and powerlifting focus Beth is dedicated to helping women achieve far beyond their expectations.

Rachael Delaney is our highly qualified antenatal and postnatal specialist, achieving CPPC status through Girls Gone Strong.

With a background in Mental Health Nursing, Rachael also runs some pretty evil Strength and Conditioning sessions and is the resident expert for core and mobility exercises.

Belle Hunt is our mental health specialist, certified in counselling skills and mental health first aid. She works on the Autism Project as a strength coach and brings her entrepreneurial skills to the project too.

Belle is also a director for Darkside Rising CIC, specialising in educational media and art representations of female strength and power.

Sam Shillitto is our menopause specialist, qualified through Burrell Education, with an interest in the benefits of strength training for women with dementia.

Sam is experienced in adapting the training programme to suit medical conditions and in ensuring that strength is accessible for everyone.

Hannah Riley is our specialist postnatal coach and works on the Darkside Rising Postnatal Project too. Her Strength and Conditioning sessions are very nearly as ‘fun’ as Rachael’s!

Hannah is also a trained Doula and brings that knowledge and experience to her postnatal sessions.

Emily Eady is our specialist postnatal coach, working on the Darkside Rising Postnatal Project. She is certified in core and pelvic floor health through Burrell Education.

Emily is also working on the Autism Project as a strength coach, in addition to sharing her skills as a first aid tutor and assessor.

Rachel Height is our specialist postnatal coach and is certified in Mental Health First Aid.

Rachel works on the Darkside Rising Postnatal Project and focuses on the provision of a safe environment for women to share their truth.

Shonaugh Clapham is our physio and strength coach, focused on injury rehabilitation and movement mechanics. For more info see our sports massage and rehab page.

Gemma Grant is our sports massage therapist. Currently qualified at Level 3 she was meant be undertaking her Level 4 course in April 2020, her studies will resume when the pandemic allows. For more info see our sports massage and rehab page.

Phyllis Mahon is Darkside’s artist and illustrator, you can see more of her work here.