North Midlands Powerlifting Championships, 21st Feb 2015.

Darkside Training attended their inaugural powerlifting competition in Horncastle on 21st February. It was awSiobhan squatesome!

Siobhan has been with me since the end of October, she’d done some lifting before and started with a 50kg squat, 37.5kg bench press and 65kg deadlift, all for fives. On Saturday she lifted an 87.5kg squat, 50kg paused bench and 110kg deadlift, qualifying for the British. She’s going to be joining the RAF in a few weeks and their powerlifting team, a loss for Darkside but a massive gain for the RAF.

Charlotte started lifting early January, with no experience at all. She began with a 25kg squat, 25kg bench press and 30kg deadlift, for fives, and she finished competition with a 67.5kg squat, 42.5kg paused bench and 112.5kg deadlift. Her next goal is to qualify for Charlotte Bnechthe British in July and total 270kg.

The official results can be found here:

I am so proud of both of them. An absolutely fantastic performance, they fought through their nerves and proved themselves on the platform.

This was a small, divisional competition and there were 6 women competing, compared to 21 men. This is the standard distribution and I want it reversed. I want more women competing than men. I want to build an empire of powerlifting women. Who wants to join me?WP_20150221_005[1]

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