Fear of Success

DSC_0150 Fear of failure is an often used rationale for choosing not to partake in certain activities – weight lifting, proper nutrition, sport in general. I find this a rather simplistic explanation however, what interests me rather more is fear of success.

Success is an unknown quantity.DSC_0103

For those who has been overweight for most of their lives, being a healthy weight brings a whole new set of dynamics to contend with from clothes shopping and new relationships to holding a completely different mindset about oneself. This is one of the reasons why we are so likely to self-sabotage our efforts. Things are going well, results can be seen and suddenly we get scared as to what this all means. What will be expected of us when we reach our goal?

I honestly believe that people are predisposed to self harm, whether it be compulsive over-eating, alcoholism, over-exercise or physical cutting it lies so often in simply not cultivating a sense of our own self worth. If we feel that we are not worthy of success, consciously or not, then we will not allow success to happen.

We need to get over thDSC_0132is.

My mantra these days is ‘fuck it.’

It may not solve all my problems, but it’s pretty damn helpful.

Now it’s not a ‘fuck it’ of giving up, aggression or a pseudonym for sex, it’s a ‘fuck it’ of get over yourself. You are strong, you are capable and you are powerful, any other voice in your head is just noise. Anyone else’s opinion is insignificant. Take control of what you want in life and learn to love yourself. You deserve it.

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