New Year’s Eve

After losinDSC_0103g the initial 10kg back in August, I’ve really struggled with eating well and a lot of nutritionally poor food items have found their way back into my diet. I think reaching a goal, which was the first weight loss goal I’ve managed to reach in my lifetime, really messed with my head and I felt like I deserved to ‘treat’ myself which led to an inevitable slide in food choices.

With this in mind, the Starting Strength camps arrived at the perfect time, giving me the kick up the arse that I needed to get back on track. My lifts are a fair bit weaker than they used to be, partly due to the weight loss and mostly due to work.  I don’t want to be this weak again; shame is a great motivator.

I’ve upped my hours in my day job to 4.5 days per week, mainly because I would like to get on the housing ladder at some point in my life, and so it will be easy for me let my training and nutrition go even slacker. I’ve made the decision that I’m better than that. It’s really not all that hard to prep some simple and nutritious meals for work and to get off the couch and actually go to the gym. I’m single and childless, I have no excuses. If Jordan and Tom come back next year, I want them to see a better version of me.DSC_0133

So that’s the camps’ influence on me, committing to dropping a final 9kg and getting my strength levels back to where they were at my peak – 127.5kg squat, 80kg bench and 145kg deadlift.

As for my clients’ training, it will largely remain the same. There are some slight technique adjustments that need to be made, and I really ought to teach the powerclean more, but by and large I am doing that right – linear progression and a simple stable of compound exercises are all a novice needs to progress.

Darkside is now 5 months old, I am so proud of all of my lifters, whether they are training for health or competition, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!

Happy New Year!


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