Autism Project

Women and girls on the Spectrum:
in Search of Economic Independence

For autistic women without learning disability, to challenge the ‘impairment’ model of autism.

The purpose of this project is to make an objective and tangible difference to the lives of autistic women.  We will work together to identify, initiate and develop each individual pathway to personal and professional success.

It is also designed to challenge the prevailing social construct of autism as ‘impairment,’ a construct written by those in transference of their own failings in empathy and theory of mind, and a construct that fails catastrophically to actually effect positive change in the lives of autistic people.

We will be there to advocate and support for 26 weeks of intensive confidence building, strength training and transitional coaching, completely free of charge and supported through an investment from Lincolnshire’s Autism Support Network Fund.

Strength training teaches us that in the midst of hardship we stand, that perseverance creates success and that there will always be the Darkside community, cheering us on.

We each have a social imperative to effect meaningful change in our communities, to support, empower and understand the differences that make us uniquely human. 

Shantelle Svarc
Partner, Darkside Training LLP
Director, Darkside Rising CIC
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Participants must be based in Lincolnshire.

Due to the current pandemic we don’t yet have an official start date for the project, however, we welcome expressions of interest so that we are ready to go once the gym is able to re-open.

For further information, and to book your place, please email Shantelle Svarc at or drop her a message via Facebook at Darkside Training or Darkside Rising.