Postnatal Project

The Mental Health Promotion Fund (Wave 9) has recently approved funding for a new project involving mothers at risk of mild to moderate postnatal depression and anxiety.

The project starts from October 2019 and will take on 36 Lincolnshire mums, providing specialist postnatal strength training, once per week, in dedicated mum and baby sessions, for a period of 6 months at no charge to the mother.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes, 4 per group, administered by a strength coach fully qualified and insured in personal training, post-natal training and paediatric first aid. Our supervising senior coach will also have a Mental Health First Aid certificate.

Project success will be gauged through measuring anxiety, depression and self-efficacy (using the PASS, EPDS and CSE scales) at weeks 1, 13 and 26, along with testimonials from the mothers for qualitative analysis.

If you are interested in taking part, please check for available spaces through Facebook at Darkside Rising or email

Project results will also be collated at the end of 6 months of training to measure the success of strength training for postnatal mental health – check back soon for more details.

We are currently seeking additional funding and fundraising opportunities to keep this project running beyond the initial 6 months.