North Midlands Championships, 6th August!

Wow, what a fantastic day!  On Sunday 6th August Darkside took 20 ladies to their local powerlifting competition in Horncastle.  Powerlifting is a strength sport, utilising maximal attempts in the squat, bench press and deadlift and is open to everyone from the age of 14 onwards.  Usually dominated by men and little understood by the general population, Darkside is starting to challenge perceptions and open opportunities for women to participate in an activity that has huge benefits for their physical and mental health.

The Junior team had their first outing on the 6th, a strong start with Anya squatting a 60kg, benching a big PB of 27.5kg and finishing with a 70kg deadlift.  Chloe and Amy squatted 70kg and then hit divisional records on their bench and deadlifts with 35kg/37.5kg and 92.5kg/100kg.  Amy-M, only a junior for this year, squatted 105kg, benched a milestone 60kg and deadlifted 120kg, very impressive!

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8 of the ladies achieved their qualifying total for the British Masters (over 40 years old) competition at the end of the year!
  Krystyna finished with a 75kg squat, huge 47.5kg bench press and 87.5kg deadlift.  Clare got 100kg for her squat, 50kg bench and lovely 115kg deads.  Jodi hit massive PBs from her last competition, getting a 107.5kg squat, 55kg bench and 122.5kg deadlift.  Sarah also got big PBs with 85kg for her squat, 50kg bench and 130kg deadlift.

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Carrie got all white lights, squatting 87.5kg, benching 52.5kg and deadlifting 122.5kg.  Belle squatted a beautiful 95kg, benched 45kg and deadlifted 120kg.  This was Rachael’s very first competition, squatting 85kg, benching 50kg and deadlifting 105kg and Karen also got a divisional record with her massive 115kg squat, along with a 42.5kg bench and 135kg deadlift!

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For Charly, Sho, Kaylee and Helen, this was their very first competition.
  Charly squatted a smooth 85kg, benched 45kg and deadlifted 90kg.  Sho, who we will convince to wear a belt and knee sleeves ;), squatted 90kg, benched 42.5kg and deadlifted a milestone 100kg.  Kaylee got some huge numbers with a 105kg squat, 50kg bench and 130kg deadlift and Helen finished with 85kg for her squat, 47.5kg bench and 112.5kg deadlift.

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Emily has competed before, pre-Darkside, she got a brilliant 80kg squat, 45kg bench and 105kg deadlift.
  Lauren and Dawn hit massive PBs with a 100kg squat, 60kg bench and 130kg deadlift for Lauren and Dawn squatted 90kg, benched 47.5kg and deadlifted 102.5kg.  Brigette squatted 90kg, benched 42.5kg and hit her surprise deadift of 105kg.

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Such a wonderful day, highlighting the diversity and team work of the women of Darkside.
  Very proud!
Huge thanks go to our ladies in the warm up room – Sam, Nicky, Emma and Rachael.  They worked tirelessly throughout the day to ensure that everyone was warmed up and ready to compete!  Beth and our photography team for documenting the day, Marc and his Horncastle team for running such a brilliant comp and everyone who came down to support and cheer us on!

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