North Midlands Powerlifting Championships, 15th April 2017

What a fantastic day!!  7 of our ladies attended the North Midlands Powerlifting Championships on the Saturday, for 3 of them it was their very first time!

We started with Claire, Lisa, Holly Cl. and Krystyna in the first group.  Holly was going for her British qualifying total and achieved it with plenty to spare, finishing with a 75kg squat, 35kg bench and double bodyweight 105kg deadlift, very impressive Holly!  For Claire and Lisa it was their first comp and they did so well.  Claire squatted 70kg, benched 35kg and deadlifted 85kg whilst Lisa finished on a 65kg squat, brilliant 40kg bench and 82.5kg deadlift :).  Krystyna was focused and fast with 70kg for her squat, lovely 45kg bench and 85kg deadlift!!

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In the second group Rachael was another first timer, so strong with a 90kg squat, 42.5kg bench and massive 120kg deadlift!  Brigette with the awesome blue hair squatted 82.5kg, benched 37.5kg and deadlifted a milestone 100kg and Holly Co. finished with 102.5kg on her squat, 55kg bench and 15kg comp PB deadlift of 135kg :).

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It takes a lot of courage to step up onto that platform and I am so impressed and proud of each and every one of you <3.

Photo credits to Chris Bradbury and Bob Willmington.  Our senior coach Beth did a fantastic job in the warm up room and thank you to all the Darkside ladies who came down to support, it means a lot :).  Thanks to Marc Giles and his fabulous Horncastle team who have organised and delivered another excellent comp.  Next one is August, can’t wait!

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