North Midlands Championships, 15th Nov 2015


Wow, wHolly deadlifthat a day!!  11 ladies competed at the North Midlands Championships in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, on Sunday 15th Nov.  For Michelle it was her third competition (her second being the day before!!) and for the rest of them it was their very first.  An excellent performance from all of them.

Holly was our first lifter out, in the 52kg class she opened with a great 50kg squat, moved onto 52.5kg and finished on 55kg!  Her bench press started well with 27.5kg, 30kg was solid but 32.5kg proved to be just a little too much on the day.  Despite some pain in her leg, she opened her deadlifts with 67.5kg, 72.5kg was fast so a fantastic 77.5kg was her final lift of the day!  A total of 162.5kg and taking 1st place :).

Second up was Di, lifting in the Masters 1 63kg class. Di squat Squats went well with a 50kg opener, moving onto the 52.5kg and finishing on a smooth 55kg.  Her bench was so fast on 32.5kg that we moved up to 37.5kg and then she hit a brilliant 40kg!  Deadlifts were also impressive with an opener of 90kg, moving into 95kg and finishing with a solid 97.5kg.  192.5kg total and 2nd place!

Sarah L. deadliftSarah L. was in the 57kg class and very strong for her size.  55kg squat opener just flew up so we went up to 60kg and ended with 62.5kg, still easy.  Strong bench as well with 32.5kg to open, 37.5kg as her second attempt and 40kg to finish.  Deadlifts started with 85kg, 90kg was her second attempt and an excellent 92.5kg her final lift of the day.  195kg total and 1st place.

Miriam has been struggling with a leg injury for the lastMiriam squat few weeks and it still wasn’t healed for competition day so we dropped her squat and deadlift openers just a little to compensate.  In the 63kg class she opened with a 65kg squat, went onto 70kg and a fast 75kg was her final squat.  Her first attempt on the bench went well with 37.5kg but unfortunately, 40kg just wasn’t happening.  Her 75kg deadlift was easy, 80kg was a breeze and her final lift of 85kg was awesome.  2nd place with a 197.5kg total.

Michelle deadliftMichelle was last lifter in the first flight, Masters 1 63kg,  she competed the day before at the All Midlands Masters Cup but actually totalled more today.  After her 87.5kg in the previous comp (a North Midlands Record!!!), we dropped her opener just slightly to 75kg, went to 80kg and finished on 85kg, all very fast.  47.5kg was her first bench press, moving into 52.5kg and ending on 55kg (2.5kg more than the day before and an improved North Midlands Record).  She opened with an 117.5kg deadlift, 125kg looked great as her second attempt and then she hit 127.5kg (2.5kg more than the day before and an improved North Midlands Record!).  267.5kg total (North Midlands Record) and 1st place with a qualifying total for both the Senior and Masters British next year.Eve deadlift

In the second flight, Eve started us off in the 84kg class with a cool 50kg squat, moved onto 55kg and ended with 57.5kg.  We raised her opening bench press as her warm ups were just too easy so she started on 27.5kg, went to 30kg and 32.5kg was fast!  Deadlifts opened on 65kg, moved into 70kg and her last lift of the day was a fantastic 72.5kg.  162.5kg total and 5th place.

Stacey deadliftStacey and Laura C. battled it out for 1st and 2nd place in the 84kg class.  Laura C. opened her squats with 90kg, went to 97.5kg and hit a new PB of 102.5kg on her final lift.  Stacey opened on 97.5kg, failed her second attempt of 105kg due to losing tension in hole but rallied brilliantly and hit it on her final go!  Laura C’s bench started with 47.5kg and 52.5kg was great Laura C. squatas her second attempt, 55kg was just a little too much on the day.  Stacey also opened with 47.5kg and moved to 52.5kg as her second, but that was so fast her final attempt was 57.5kg and it was brilliant!  For the deadlift they both opened with 117.5kg, moved to 125kg and finished with a great 130kg.  Laura C. totalled 285kg and Stacey hit 292.5kg.  Both qualified for the British next year!

Ali squatIn the 84+kg class we had Ali, Sarah B. and Kirsty, in 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.  Ali and Sarah B. both squatted 90kg to open, moved to 97.5kg and hit excellent PBs of 102.5kg.  Ali benched 50kg to start, with 55kg as her second attempt, still really fast so she went for a PB milestone of 60kg and got it!  Sarah B. benchSarah B. opened her bench with an impressive 57.5kg, went to 62.5kg and hit a PB at a superb 67.5kg.  For the deadlifts Ali started with 135kg, moved into 142.5kg but that was still easy so we went for a huge PB of 150kg.  Sarah B. opened with 132.5kg, moved to 140kg and also hit a big PB with 145kg!  Both qualified for the British next year.

Kirsty benchKirsty finished the day with some truely incredible lifts.  She opened her squat with 117.5kg, took 125kg as her second lift and then took my divisional record with a 130kg final lift.  Bench started with 67.5kg, 72.5kg was her second attempt and 77.5kg her final.  I get to hold my bench record for a few months longer ;).  She opened her deadlifts with 152.5kg, moved to 160kg and then to 167.5kg as her final, all very fast and taking my record!  375kg total and first place with a qualifyng total for the British, very well done!

The official results can be found here:

And here’s the video:

Thank you to Marc and Sue Giles and Paul Hammond for organising such a brilliant comp.  Thank you to the loaders/spotters/refs and desk staff for doing such a tremendous job.  Thank you to Emma H. and Beth for taking the videos and G.L.S Photography for being our official photographer on the day.  Special thanks to Orla and Ellie from Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club who ran the warm ups for us!

Thank you to all those who came to support us and to the other lifters who cheered us on.  And finally, thank you to everyone who took part, it takes a lot of courage to step on the that platform and you have done yourselves, and everyone at Darkside, proud!!


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